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DialogClassic Web

The Dialog® Service



Dialog is used by R&D-driven organizations around the world to access authoritative scientific, technical, business and intellectual property information resources. It is the leading choice for information professionals seeking authoritative content from multidisciplinary sources. With its historic role helping to found the online industry, the Dialog service has long been known for precision search and powerful command language.

DialogClassic Web is the preferred mode of access for most users, offering Dialog's sophisticated search capabilities from a flexible web environment. A range product support tools help users make the most effective use of this powerful search service, along with comprehensive training options.

For questions about searching DialogClassic Web, contact our support team around the world by telephone for live assistance from our expert Information consultants — 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, or contact us by e-mail at for a timely response to your query.

Not a customer? Please contact us for more information about ProQuest Dialog.


Dialog is the world leader in providing online-based information services to organizations seeking competitive advantages in such fields as business, science, engineering, finance and law. For more information on Dialog's authoritative content, please view the following:

Dialog Database Catalog

The Dialog Database Catalog contains detailed descriptions of the databases available on the Dialog service, plus DIALINDEX® OneSearch® Categories.

Dialog Bluesheets

Bluesheets are written guides for every database on the Dialog® service. They contain detailed instructions on search techniques for the special features of each database, including file description, subject coverage, date range, update frequency, sources of the data, the origin of the information, and a sample record that shows what you can expect to obtain when you perform a search in the database.

View Dialog Bluesheets by...

  • Database Name
    An alphabetical listing of the hundreds of databases on the Dialog system.
  • Database Number
    A numeric listing of Dialog databases.
  • Subject
    Dialog databases grouped by subject, e.g., business, law & government, news, patents, humanities, etc.
  • OneSearch® Options/Groups
    A DIALINDEX®/OneSearch subject category guide to the hundreds of databases on the Dialog system. Categories include computers, consumer products, education, chemistry, medicine, financial information, business, technology, and many more.
  • Search Index Options
    A listing of Dialog databases, classified by the availability of particular index terms. For example, view a list of all databases that contain a Company Name (CO=) or Standard Industrial Classification (SC=) field.
  • Database Terms and Conditions
    Terms and conditions that apply to each database available on Dialog.

DialogClassic Web training


Recorded training

Introduction to DialogClassic Web. Covers the basic features of DialogClassic Web and Dialog Command Language searching. Audio narration in American English.

Run Time: 40 min.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Transcript Transcript Transcript Transcript

Live Sessions

Choose your area of interest

Intellectual Property Research: Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights

Business and Market Research: Business Intelligence, Market Research and News

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Research: Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Life Sciences & Chemistry

Engineering & Technology Research: Engineering & Technology, Energy & Environment, Medical Devices

Choose your product

Alerts: automatic execution of a database search at regular intervals using a predefined search strategy.

Dialog®:  including DialogWeb, DialogClassic Web, intranet products and Classic Dialog

DialogClassic Web: access to the full content of Dialog via sophisticated search capabilities with the added versatility of a Web-based environment

DialogWeb: access for both advanced and novice searchers to the full content of Dialog via the Internet

Dialog®:  including DialogWeb, DialogClassic Web, intranet products and Classic Dialog

DialogLink®: free software tool that offers fast access to the Dialog service

DialogSelect: easy-to-use, point-and-click search forms


Migration updates

In his November Update, Tim Wahlberg explained how plans for the Dialog migration to ProQuest Dialog were in full swing.  A migration leadership team is now hard at work on this formidable task, focusing on five main aspects to ensure a smooth, successful migration:

  1. Back Office — making sure each customer has the correct access to licensed databases, contract terms, user accounts and more
  2. Customer Management — assessing customer migration needs and devising strategies accordingly
  3. Communications — keeping every customer abreast of the migration plan and progress as well as the customer role in the process. We will use multiple communication methods based on the variety of customer situations and needs, with the Chronolog and the Dialog service login page as core tools.

Read the entire article...


Migration Planning for Dialog Customers
Dialog customers migration to ProQuest Dialog will start in Q3 2013. For information on planning and preparation, go to the Migration page.

Increase your patent family database expertise

Expand your knowledge of two important patent family databases with these two resources!

  • Patent Files Quick Comparison chart – provides a detailed comparison of content, patent families, country coverage and most important database search fields for INPADOC/Family & Legal Status (File 345) and Derwent World Patents Index® (File 351)
  • Deciphering Worldwide Patent Families in Derwent World Patents Index and INPADOC webinar (May 20): compares and contrasts the methods used in Derwent WPI and INPADOC to build patent families. It is intended for novice searchers who want to learn the basics of searching for patent information using Dialog or for more experienced searchers seeking a refresher. This 60-minute session covers...




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