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Engineering Researchers

Engineering Researchers

Save time and money on R&D, monitor advancements in the industry, study regulatory information, track worldwide environmental issues, and discover alternative applications for your products with the authoritative content available on Dialog.

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Explore the business of technology

Technical information specialists are often asked to investigate new and emerging technologies. R&D managers, scientists, and engineers need to know how the state of the art is advancing, and what new developments may be forthcoming. But researching an emerging technology is a difficult assignment. A search of technical and patent literature often leaves many questions unanswered.

So where can you turn for information on which new technologies are being explored, who is utilizing them, and how they are being applied?

IT class For an early look at new technologies, choose Gale Group PROMT® and Gale Group Newsletter Database™, coming soon to ProQuest Dialog. Even before they appear in technical literature, announcements of technological discoveries are frequently reported in business and trade publications and industry newsletters. PROMT and the Newsletter Database combine to provide the largest online source of this kind of literature, making them key sources for an early look at new and emerging technologies.

PROMT provides broad coverage of the world's important trade journals and business publications, where news of technological developments often appear first. Each PROMT abstract includes significant facts and figures reported in the original article. And, with the rapidly growing number of PROMT records available in full text, you often have immediate access to the complete articles you need.

Gale Group Newsletter Database™ extends this coverage with more than 325 full- text titles in 35 industry categories, including advanced materials, computers and electronics, defense and aerospace, energy, telecommunications, and others. Written by industry experts, newsletters provide in-depth coverage of technological developments, issues, and trends.


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