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Alerts and Saved Search Request Form

If you need assistance editing migrated Alert or saved searches, or setting up new ones, please complete and submit this form:

Last Name: *
First Name: *
My Research ID: *
My Research Password: *
Please check the appropriate type: *
Alert      Saved Search
DataStar ID:
DataStar Password:
DataStar Alert/SavedSearch Number:
ProQuest Dialog Alert/Saved Search Name:
Databases: *
Output Format: (Short, Medium, Long, Custom)
Delivery Address:
Delivery Method: (RSS, PDF, RTF, etc.)
Your E-mail Address: *
(We respect your privacy.)
Work Phone Number: *

Statement of Alert or saved search objective: *
Example: I want to track new products, and/or mergers, acquisitions, corporate alliances of: Lucent, Texas Instruments, and Microsoft.

Please describe fully the issue with your ProQuest Dialog Alert or saved search:


The following approval will permit the Dialog Alerts Bureau to install, administer, and edit your Alerts, if you so desire:

I authorize the Alerts Bureau to use my Research ID on account # for the purpose of administration and/or maintenance of my Alerts and/or Saved Searches. I understand the alert(s) will run for a minimum of one month.
( Please enter your Initials here*: )


What is an Alert?

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