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Dialog Announces 2008 Quantum2 InfoStars at London Online

Attard, Giró, Graham-Godet honored as industry innovators

December 2, 2008 (Cary, North Carolina and London, UK) — Dialog, a leader in online information services for professional searchers, announced the recipients of its 2008 Quantum2 InfoStar Awards for the International region. The awards honor information professionals whose achievements demonstrate leadership and inspire others.

The 2008 winners are Alison Attard, Scientific Information Specialist, Ipsen Ltd, UK, Gemma Giró , Head of Information & Regulatory Affairs, Puig Research Centre, Spain, and Sophie Graham-Godet, Health & Life Sciences Management Consultant, Accenture Health & Life Sciences Practice, UK.

Ms. Attard is being recognized for her ability to leverage information from Ipsen’s external environment to its full advantage. Through the effective use of tools and techniques that organize and clarify, Ms. Attard transforms data into actionable information for her entire organization. Among her tools is a product knowledge database that covers the scientific and medical environment of Ipsen’s marketed products. This database allows for storage, access and dissemination of knowledge in line with the company’s standard operating procedures.

Ms. Giró is being honored for promoting the role of information professionals in the research process by showcasing their value in R&D.  Ms. Giró maintained the high quality output of three teams — information intelligence, registration information and technical assistance to the company’s operations in 23 countries — during a period of dramatic reorganization and restructuring as PUIG Beauty & Fashion Group integrated its three biggest companies.

Ms. Graham-Godet is praised for embodying the characteristic qualities of a 21 st century information professional by transforming her skills and applying them in an entirely new context. Ms. Graham-Godet showed the type of career resilience and creativity today’s professional needs in switching gears and taking on new roles in new organizations. Graham-Godet moved from Head of Medical Information for Pfizer UK to a management consulting role in Accenture’s Health & Life Sciences Practice, providing advice on strategy, operations and customer focus to pharmaceutical firms.

"The world in which information professionals operate is extremely dynamic,” said Libby Trudell, senior vice president, market development. “Each of these individuals, in their own way, have played significant roles in raising the profiles of information professionals in their organizations. They demonstrate the kind of savvy it takes to adjust to new environments, embracing change as opportunity.”

The InfoStars Award is part of Dialog’s lauded Quantum2 program — a leadership development service to information professionals worldwide. Awards are presented annually to information professionals in various regions around the world. For additional information about the Quantum2 program, including profiles on past winners, please visit

About Dialog
Dialog (, is an award-winning information firm that pioneered online searching in advance of the internet. Today, Dialog is the global leader in providing mission-critical information that drives research in science, engineering, business and intellectual property.

The online services provided by Dialog — offered through the Dialog® and DataStar® brands — give users the ability to search through more than 1.5 billion unique records from the world's most authoritative publishers. This comprehensive, authoritative content is accessible through 600 deep web databases, covering science, technology, intellectual property and business. Within the databases are vast information sources that precisely serve the unique needs of information professionals. For example,

  • Intellectual property research is served by 185 million records, encompassing 144 million patent records from 80 patent issuing authorities, 27 million trademark records from 31 countries and 14 million US copyright records
  • Scientific research is served by 470 million records , with nearly 200 million for chemical substances and literature, 194 million for scientific and technical literature, 116 million for biomedical literature, and 5 million for pharmaceutical literature
  • Business researchers can access 546 million records, including 136 million for business and industry literature and 410 million full text business news records from 12,000 full text news sources
  • Company research is supported by 185 million company information records, which include 3 million market research reports, 156 million company directory records, and 26 million company financial records

Because of Dialog’s breadth of content and precision search tools, librarians, researchers and information users from corporate, professional and government organizations in more than 100 countries prize Dialog for enabling the surfacing of fresh content and complete solution that other information sources can’t deliver.

Dialog, LLC, part of the ProQuest ( family of brands, is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, with offices in Sunnyvale, California, and London.

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