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DialogLink 5

Every information professional searching Dialog should take advantage of DialogLink 5, the best way to access the robust content available on Dialog. DialogLink 5 will vastly improve your ability to access and distribute relevant information effectively and efficiently. DialogLink 5 is more than a software upgrade — it's a whole new way to work.

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Highlights of the New DialogLink 5

Revolutionize the way you work with DialogLink 5, the research tool that combines speed and precision with powerful interfile linking, XML delivery, easy report formatting and more.

With DialogLink 5, you can:

  • Integrate Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft® Word reports that can be branded with your library's logo and contact information
  • Link to full-text articles that can integrate with your Open URL compliant link resolver
  • Access related materials and maximize search efficiency using new field, record and search set links
  • Disseminate Dialog content to portals and intranet solutions, leveraging DialogLink XML capabilities
  • Save and edit Alerts through an easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blanks interface

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If you'd like more information about DialogLink 5, take a Flash Product Tour or contact us today.

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DialogLink 5 Product Tour

Note to DialogLink 4 users:
All DialogLink 4.01 features are also in DialogLink 5, except as noted in the DialogLink Comparison of Version 5 to Version 4.01 and 3.0 [PDF, 4pp, 112Kb].

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