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Need to find the latest on the artificial heart? Dialog® has the story. From concept testing, to clinical trials, to product launches, to patent protection, Dialog delivers accurate, relevant, trustworthy results with amazing speed. Being the very first comprehensive professional online service, Dialog has paved the way for the information industry. And although Dialog uses some of the most sophisticated search retrieval tools available, customized web interfaces make Dialog's content accessible to everyone — from the novice to the expert searcher.

Interfaces for Dialog Access

Alerts automatically deliver information via e-mail, ftp or postal delivery from virtually any source as soon as it is published. Each Dialog service allows you to set up and manage Alerts differently and is based on search strategies that you create. Alerts can be set up to run daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or at a frequency you specify.

Dialog is available via a text-only inferface designed for professional researchers. It enables precise online research through the use of Dialog command language, Boolean logic, indexing systems and terminology-at the fastest possible speed. Dialog includes many powerful features for data manipulation, extraction and analysis; comparison and duplicaton detection of retrieval results; cross-file searching; relevancy ranking; customized output formatting; and much more.

DialogClassic Web
For experienced Dialog command language searchers who prefer access via the Internet, DialogClassic Web offers sophisticated search capabilities with the added versatility of a Web-based environment to more than 500,000 sources of scientific, technical, medical, business, news and intellectual property information. Special features include secure Web server access, a buffer that captures and displays search results, a search log to enable easy reuse of search statements and expanded output options. DialogClassic Web features are browser-based, eliminating the need to install software.

DialogLink will vastly improve your ability to access and distribute relevant information. Superior functionality allows users to export search results into Microsoft® Word and Excel templates, integrate fulltext articles with Open URL compliant link resolvers, access related materials and maximize search efficiency and more!

DialogPRO provides the information needed to make the right decisions in today's business environment. Created exclusively for small businesses, DialogPRO is divided into different tiers of content that are made available on a flat subscription rate. With DialogPRO you can monitor industry trends, prepare for a meeting with a client and make more informed decisions. All the top sources are in DialogPRO including the leading business, intellectual property, news, and science information. With this information at your disposal, you can identify data about potential partners, review press releases on clients or prospects, short-cut a product development process and track new business trends.

DialogSelect combines easy-to-use, point-and-click search forms with built-in search intelligence. DialogSelect is organized vertically by major content areas with access to over 300 key Dialog databases. Just a few of the content areas are business, chemical, energy, food, government, intellectual property, medical, news, pharmaceuticals, reference and technology. Special features include a powerful search engine, multiple search options and automatic alerts.

DialogWeb allows both advanced and novice searchers access to the full content of Dialog via the Internet. It offers both a robust Command Search mode that uses the powerful Dialog command language, and a flexible and easy-to-use Guided Search mode that does not require knowledge of commands. Fill-in-the-blank forms allow users to create and modify custom alerts. Search results are provided in either HTML or text and the records can be delivered online or offline via e-mail, fax, ftp or postal delivery.

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