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Dialog NewsRoom Sources

Dialog NewsRoom is a leading global news resource covering thousands of newspapers, business magazines and newswires from all regions of the globe, including emerging markets. Dialog NewsRoom includes abstracts and fulltext records from:

  • Trade, business and scholastic journals
  • Local newspapers
  • Regional business publications
  • National and international business newspapers
  • Industry newsletters
  • Broadcast transcripts
  • Corporate news releases

With Dialog NewsRoom, you can search hundreds of news sources simultaneously because the sources are grouped together and indexed six distinct ways for unparalleled depth, breadth and precision search and retrieval.

To check current availability of specific journal titles in Newsroom or any other database, do a title search in the Journal Name Finder, File 414. See this brief guide "How Do I Use Dialog Journal Name Finder to Find a Specific Journal?", for additional details. There is no charge (aside from telecommunications) for using File 414 to check availability of titles on Dialog.

The Newsroom Sources list available below is dated 2010:

download nowDownload the Dialog NewsRoom Sourcebook 5.1 MB, 748 pp

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